It is run by team of specialist and super specialist doctors who are at helm of affair depending upon there specilities
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Urology Neurosurgery
Bone and joint disease
Pediatric surgery
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Photo Gallery

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Hernia Repair refers to a surgical operation for the correction of a hernia. Hernia is a protrusion of organ through the wall of
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Kidney and urinary bladder stones, tumors, etc. Operation Chaut and simple method to treat and binoculars.

General surgery and laparoscopic surgery
Gall-bladder, prostate, cysts, lumps or tumors, intestinal obstruction, surgery and treatment Apendiks.

Head injury, Got, tumors, paralysis from spinal cord injury or illness, surgery and treatment etc.

Bone and joint disease
By plaster and operation of all Preccr diagnosis, successful treatment of arthritis and diseases of the spinal cord C - arm machine facilitates complex operation.
1. Arthroscopic unit
2. Hip and knee joints, joint replacement unit to facilitate change.

Pediatric surgery
Children's severed lip, palate, Ttti - Pkhana lack Journey, Journey absence uterus, breath and eat holes in the hose etc. The operation and treatment.

Nephrology and Neurology
Taylisis Gurde treat patients, Hisodaysisis and peritoneal dialysis.

Surgical (Intensive Care Unit)
Cardiac monitor, Difibriletr, pulse, Oksiimitr Ilsiljil 2 - D Eco Colour Daplr Ventiletr central oxygen.

Here is the treatment of diseases of infants born prematurely or at a low rosary or initially not cry baby, meningitis, pneumonia, TB For the treatment of serious diseases and jaundice following features.
1. Cardiac Monitor
2. Apnea monitor
3. Pulse Oximeter
4. Central Ossimitr
5. Nebulizers
6. Incubators
7. Bentiletr
8. Fotothirapi
9. Exchange Transfusion

Medical (Intensive Care Unit)
Heart, liver and other diseases by drug treatment.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Cut lip, palate torn, burned, fat nose, thick lips, small or big boobs, fat people, etc. Operation abs, men and women vein - adding secondly operation to arrest.

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology disease
Ovarian cysts and uterine cervical sterility, etc. The operation of the telescope's diagnosis of disease and normal operation of the facility painless Direvri and cesarean delivery facility
1. Kalposcopi
2. Biopsy
3. Papasmiyr

The brain disease, heart disease, kidney, stomach - sew.

Nose - Ear and Throat Diseases Department
Department of Eye Diseases
Oral and dental disease